Would you marry me?

Okay I found the video very amusing and creative. Even though there is a part in there that I didn’t expect to be in it – it is still for me a fun story about a guy doing everything he can to show his extravagant love for his fiance and finally asking her to marry him. I think it is one of the greatest marriage proposals I’ve seen to date.

5 responses to “Would you marry me?

  1. Considering that proposing has become somewhat of a lost art, as “marriage” has been pushed aside for the much more politically correct “living together” or for the “let’s just have fun with no commitment” attitude of many today. I love seeing things like this. It celebrates what marriage is all about…showing your love for another by making a commitment for life. Okay, so I could have done without the one part in their that was a surprise, but altogether it was nice to see.


  2. I watched the whole thing repeating “This is ridiculous”..with a stupid grin on my face..lol..
    I’m such a hopeless romantic..ha ha


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