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Heaven, that’s where my father dwells even though he lives in me.

Heaven, that’s where my savior has gone to prepare for me a dwelling.

Heaven, a place I will soon call home

Even though on this earth I still roam

Heaven, consumes my heart, my imagination

Not just of the idea of it, but because of the one who brings me eternal salvation

My mind is fixed, if not set on heaven or should I say on things above

I long each day for that celestial shore, that trumpet blast (wait for it) my rapture

Don’t lukewarm-ly talk about it as if you had nothing else to preach, though what you speak is truth

Cause I don’t care about anyone who speaks so eloquently about it but are no earthly good

Heaven, you can tell that a person is really affected by it:

  • He is broken over his own sinful inadequacies and clings dearly to His Savior
  • He is burdened by the plight of lost humanity and for them has become an intercessor
  • He is so in love with Jesus that if he could, he would spread his wings and soar.

That’s why I really love to talk about Heaven.


Listen to Andrae crouch’s Soon and very soon – here


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