One Song that Gets to Me every time I listen

Lord, help me to be a better husband, a better father…
Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for… Eph. 5:25

4 responses to “One Song that Gets to Me every time I listen

  1. AMEN! Every married couple should be praying together and declaring and proclaiming that their marriage is God centered and that they will be led by the Lord when it comes to the marriage, the children, the home and everything else that goes with marriage. Just last Saturday I spoke on Marriage for an hour and a half, teaching people how God designed marriages and how if we don’t ask the Lord to show us His love we won’t be able to love our spouses the way God does. . God bless you Walter have a bless day today


  2. Walter! The voices of men, encouraging men in this way, is the BEST way to improve the situation with domestic violence. Please keep saying this! See my smile, and hear my shouts and applause for this post. Many, many blessings!! Diane


    • Hey Diane, thank you so much for your comments… I can see your smile, hear your shouts and applause… I can feel that this is a subject that is dear to your heart… so be blessed. Men are called to be just like Jesus. I strive every day to do that. Thank you for encouraging me to encourage others… many, many blessings as well.


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