There you go again… you did it.
You promised God that it will never happen again.
But there you go again… dealing, sniffing, lusting, gossiping.
You told yourself it was all over.
But there you go again… angry, grumpy envious, sensual.
You have fallen.

Well, it is not okay, but it’s okay.
“Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.”
So get up!
Commit again…
Try again…

Quote: Chinese Proverb
Video: Trip, born William Lee Barefield III

22 responses to “Fallin

  1. He’s a cool kid… won a stella award some time ago, wrote a book – the good life and is preparing for pastoral ministry. thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Easter,
    If it were not for the mercies of God we would have all been consumed… thank God indeed for His grace, it is sufficient.
    I appreciate you comment.

  3. Great post.. something we have all done, all do, all want so much not to. Flesh gets in the way in the daily battle, but grace is sufficient if we can cling tightly to it.

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