10 Signs that show you have fallen from Grace

You deliberately tolerate and fall into sin.

You could care less about the will of God

You do not trust God, the scripture nor the church

You are completely isolated from everything. That includes God and His people

You have an unhealthy pursuit of money and material things

You are vengeful and unwilling to forgive 

You have no desire for worship, prayer, obedience and church fellowship

You no longer feel His presence, hear His voice, or fear Him

You demand perfection of others

Yet, you are longing, deep down inside you, for God to do something about all the above because you feel helpless

He is doing something about it…. right here, now! Earnestly fervently Jesus is calling, calling oh sinner come home.

8 responses to “10 Signs that show you have fallen from Grace

  1. May I suggest that such a one as you describe was never “in” grace in the first place so as to be able to fall “from” it. As a former fundamentalist, I have seen numbers of people manipulated into making professions of faith who never bore any evidence of having actually been saved.

    God’s best to you.


  2. I don’t know. The symptoms you have pointed out are all very serious ones. Paul points out in Galatians 5:4 one that is more subtle and that we might not notice: wanting to be righteous in ourselves by our own works.


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