When the most powerful is your father

I have always been intrigued by this photo of the late president John F. Kennedy. Here in this photo we see the most powerful man of the free world in the Oval Office playing with children. I am sorry if it is too obvious where I want to go with this, but last time I checked we have a powerful Father who longs to spend time with us.

One who wants to put aside the urgent business of running the world and just hang with me. Just a moment where he is not necessarily concerned if I read my Bible or been to Church, paid my tithe or kept my vow to pray at least two or three times a day. The only thing on his mind is spending time with me, crowning me with his love, affection and giving me his undivided attention.

Yes! He is powerful, my savior, my Lord, my judge – but he is also my friend and I am His child! This does not take away my respect for Him, it does not diminish how awestruck I am of him and this does not make me too familiar with him to point I forget that he is the most powerful.

No, it makes me more aware that he is my all in all.

12 responses to “When the most powerful is your father

  1. Amen. One time I was hanging out with my daughter, just watching a cartoon, & I was so happy to be with her. The Lord spoke to my heart &told me that’s how He feels about us. Floored me. What a different perspective!

  2. It is good to be reminded of this on a daily basis, we forget or we take it for granted, thank God that our Father is so patient with us :-)

  3. Beautiful prayer… When they understand his crazy love it will blow them away. Worth praying and dying for. Thanks for your great comment. See you on your blog!

  4. Well put. When we talk about a relationship with God, some get nervous and antsy and think we’ve gone too far. May they learn to rest in His love, and trust His ability to love us like that – and still run the universe! ;)


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