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You’ve Never Failed Me Yet

Day 3- When you don’t understand God
Esaie 55:9

Proverbe 3:5-6


Song extract: «Even in times when I don’t understand, I know you are on my side »

Have you ever been angry at God? Did you ever felt God told you one thing and served you something else? Or felt God has NOT kept his promise to you? Or start doubting if what you heard really came from God?
Maybe God promise to give you a child but has never given you a husband or a wife.
Maybe you received the call to serve God in a specific area of ministry but God has led you in contradictory circumstances you had no power to change. Did God promised to do something in your life and you waited and waited and it just seems like time is running out?
Have you ever come to the conclusion that God has “deceived” you?
Relax; you’re not weird. Many other believers today in the Bible have felt that way. It took me lots of prayers lots of tears and lots of surrendering to realize that God has never ever changed his mind about me.

When God gives a promise, he’s as much interested in the end result as much as the process. He’s concerned about delivering the promise, as much as getting you to the promise. God is not just interested in giving us gifts; He’s even more interested in making a gift out of us.
See, a promise is always about an action in the future… “I promise I will…” Between the now and then, lots of things can happen, and God would need to lead us through the distance between the “now” and the “then”. God is interested in getting us ready for the promise. God’s accomplishment of his promise in our lives is never disconnected with his strong desire for us to become a promise for others. Often times we are not ready to handle what he promised, and he needs to get us ready for it.

We usually form an idea of how God’s promise will look like, but when God make a promise, the way he accomplishes his promise may look quite different than what we thought. The Bible teaches us that God’s thoughts and ways are far away from ours,; and His ways are indeed far better than our ways.
Believing that God of the promise is also the God of the journey to the promise is the key to not lose hope and faith in what God is trying to accomplish in our lives.

When you don’t understand…
Trust in the God who chooses to wonderfully clothe the fields of the grass which will be thrown into the fire.
Trust in the God who could have prevented Lazarus from dying but chose to raise him up instead.
Trust in the God of the promise to change your life rather than trust in the promise to change your circumstances. He is faithful!

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