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You’ve Never Failed Me Yet

Day 5 – His love is greater than your fear
Psalm 23:4
1John 4:18

Song extract: “You walked with me in the valley of death lord, you never failed me”
Yes, just like David, there are times in the Christian walk when we find ourselves in the valley, whether it’s the valley of lack, pain, sickness, loneliness, abandonment, homelessness, or even in the valley of death.
In those times, we are confronted by the feeling of danger. We fear to lose our comfort, our jobs, our reputation, our marriage and why not. We fear to lose our lives.

David made an astonishing declaration in Psalm 23:4. He declared that even though He walks through the valley of the shadow of death, He will fear no evil, for God is with Him.
Remark that David confidence was not in just being in the company of God while he walks through the valley, but his confidence was in the character of who was walking with him. He was confident that the one walking with him through the valley loves him more than anything and will surely not let anything harm him. His confidence was in the unchangeable, undeniable and sure love of God.

How many times do we find ourselves confronted to difficult situations in life and ask if God sees us, if he even loves us. When we doubt his love and care, fear creeps in. This is because we accept the thought that there is a chance God will not come to our rescue or will not protect us from evil while we are walking through the valley.
Fear creeps in because we do not know God’s love for us. The Bible teaches us that Love banish all fear. Knowing God’s love banish all fear.
Situations will come in your life and will shake you even to the foundations of your faith; But Knowing God’s heart and love for you in those times is extremely important.

Many times in my life when my heart fainted were times when my eyes were removed from the unconditional love of the father for me. When I look back at those times I can see how God has been faithful. He did not remove the valley but he kept me through it.

Is it today the day you need to be honest with God and tell him how much you’ve doubted his faithfulness only because you doubted his love for you?
Is it today a day you need to call your fear by name and tell it how much God loves you?
Shall we ask God to reveal to us the depth of his love?


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