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You’ve Never Failed Me Yet

Day 6- God does want you to be Happy
Nehemiah 8:10
Philippians 4:4

Song extract: “You walked with me in the garden of joy, you’ve never left me”
Scripture clearly tells us that God is a pretty happy being. The Bible says in Zephaniah 3:17 that “God rejoices over us with singing” which literally means, God dances and spin around with singing over us. Just imagine God singing a song for you with Joy…
Not only scripture, but the nature also tells us God is a very joyful and happy person. God’s happiness is all over the place; it’s in the colors and shape of his creation. It’s in the colors of flowers, it’s in the songs of birds, and it’s in the kiss of the sun on your face.
If God is such a happy being, he wants you to be happy!!! So rest assure that God is not just that serious being somewhere frowning on you when you become loud and wild in happiness. He does not think happiness is unholy and will not leave you when you are happy.

Even though God wants us to be happy, that is not all he wants for us. God is the master of the seasons and of the seasons of our lives. More than happiness, God wants to form a character in us. Sometimes we go through difficulties and struggles, but even in the mist of those times the end result God desires is to bring us growth, maturity, spiritual health and therefore happiness.

The happiness he wants for us is not just a temporary one or just a superficial one. God wants a deep and lasting happiness for us. Sometimes that does not come without God taking certain things away from us because he has something better or because those things will provide only a surface level happiness and later cause pain. God is so faithful he watches for our joy to be perfect.

You want to be happy? God wants it for you too.
Are you happy? God is faithful to keep you safe in your happiness.
Let’s therefore have confidence that he, who wants us to be happy, is faithful in all he does in our lives.

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