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You’ve Never Failed Me Yet

Day 7 – The friend who Sticks Around

Proverb 18:24
3 John 15:13

Song extract “You walked with me on the rocky road you’ve never left my side”
Few years ago, my kids introduced me to the movie the “Lord of the rings”. They were so much into that film I had to finally sit down and watch all three parts back to back. That was a test to my patience…until I fell in total admiration for one of the characters. He would have been the main character if the movie was titled “The Friend of the Chosen”.

Samwise “Sam” Gamgee, Frodo Baggins’s friend has played an extraordinary and important role in the victory over the ring. Sam was the moral, emotional and physical rock for Frodo during the difficult parts of the journey. He suffered cold, hunger, tiredness, betrayal, Frodo’s anger and rejection, but never back down from his love for His Friend. Many times He resisted the influence of the ring and took the risk of wearing the evil jewel when Frodo could not take it any longer.
I so admire Sam’s steadfast love for Frodo, especially during the last battle to victory, when he picked up a lumping and falling Frodo and cried: “Come, Mr. Frodo!’ I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you and it as well. So up you get! Come on, Mr. Frodo dear! Sam will give you a ride. Just tell him where to go, and he’ll go” What a friend…

What a friend we have in Jesus, he who, like the illustration above, never leaves us. He never abandons us when the going gets tough. He never back down. He never turns away. He is not scared of your trials, he is not grossed by your mess, he is not surprised by your confusion, nor is he scandalized by your mistakes.
He is willing to take you by the hand, walk the rocky road with you, comfort and support you along the way. He will walk the long distance with you and will pick you up when your feet start to bleed. Jesus is faithful in friendship, faithful till death, death on a cross. Won’t you invite him on that rocky road today?

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