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You’ve Never Failed Me Yet

Day 1

When my strength is gone
2 Cor 12: 8-1032580254-6861-46F6-B73F-8D5ED87106BA

extract: “ Even in times when I had no strength, oh God I’ve seen your hand”

There are may times when like Paul I was “handicapped”with a lingering situation that won’t go away no matter how hard I prayed, how many times I fasted and pleaded with God. Situations I had exhausted my creative mind over, situations that tested my resilience, my stubborn yet God given ability to bounce back.
I thought, if I could just pray more, if I could add fasting, if I could adjust my schedule, if I could avoid this person, if i could get hold of my very good friends in high places, if I Could try something new, if I play all my cards and do my part, If I can persist a bit more…
I always had a solution, until I came to the place I called “The end of Me”.
A place where even when I use the last strength to kneel down, no word could come out of my mouth…
And that is the place God wanted me to reach, in order to for him to show His hand, His strength. God wanted me to realize, I could not add an inch to my life, or make it better with my strategies, and smartness, and creativity and resilience … my strength. We often declare and confess not relying on our own strength, but we get up and pull all our resources out for combat.
Maybe you are facing a situation you’ve unsuccessfully done everything in your power to make better. You’ve played all your cards, you’ve done your part, you’ve even gone the extra mile to do what’s not your part. You’ve poured out your last energy… You are just done!
Now the journey begins…
Let God show you his faithfulness when you finally accept your weakness that you once called “strength”,
when you surrender to his ever sufficient grace. Let him carry you, and feel the amazing rest rest for not beeing in control. When we finally surrender you will no longer ask why God allowed the situation in your life in the first place, but like Paul you will boast all the more gladly in your weaknesses; you will delight in your impossible situation… for when you are weak, then you are strong.


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