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When he came there was no light, when he left there was no darkness

The title of our post today is actually story of one man’s life. A. W. Milne was a missionary around the 20th century. He was part of a group of radical missionaries who history has dubbed – “One Way Missionaries.” What these men and women of God did was pack all their belonging in a coffin, buy a one way plane ticket to wherever they felt called by God. Many parts of Africa and other places around the world was known in those days and many years after as the “white man’s graveyard. These men and women of God knew they would never return home when they decided to go to the mission field. As for A. W. Milne, he Knew that most of the missionaries before him died a martyr’s death, still he accepted the call of God to minister to a tribe in the New Hebrides – island group in the South Pacific Ocean that now is the nation of Vanuatu. There he lived for 35 years. God’s timing and favor had given him a break through among …

In our world no one is rubbish

Spend a few days on Africa Mercy Ship and you will see how two worlds collide at the intersection of courage and compassion. I lived in Togo for about 8 years as a missionary. So I am very pleased to see Mercy Ship back in Togo. The story of few doctors and nurses reaching, serving and touching lives of people who have been utterly rejected and labelled rubbish. Take a few minutes of your time and watch this video you will not regret it. Their story was featured in ’60 Minutes’ which aired Sunday Night on CBS. This is what the Christians are all about – looking right into the eyes of the hurting and ostracized to say “you are God’s child – and you are not rubbish.” This one is for all my SISTAS who were told that they are damaged goods… that is a lie straight from hell. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.